Who is Circe?

In the house of Helios, God of the sun and mightiest of the Titans, a daughter is born…

But Circe is a strange child – Turning to the world of mortals for companionship, she discovers that she possesses power: the power of witchcraft, a vast knowledge of potions and herbs and the ability to change men into animals.

In the eyes of those from a later age, this behaviour made her notorious both as a magician and as a sexually-free woman. Threatened by her, Zeus banished her to a deserted island, the island of Aeaea (Pronounced Aiya), located somewhere south of Aethalia – known today as Elba.

She still resides there today, practising her dark arts and perfecting her potions.

What is Circe’s rooftop?

Drink up the rays on Circe’s party island, where the cocktails are as bold as your attitude.

Step into a rooftop paradise where escapism reigns. Fun and revelry here make time stand still, keeping us forever young, just like the gods.

The bar boasts a wonderful selection of wine and bubbles for those who want to party like a goddess. Cocktails are sweet and summery, the spirits and spritzes are light and refreshing and the beers and ciders are ice-cold.

But, as the sun sets over Waterloo, with a view of the Shard glinting in the day’s last light, it is a sweet place to be. Of course, there’s no proof that the premise is in any way historically accurate but “revel in the rooftop” is a nice frame of mind…

Circe’s is available for all types of private and corporate events including filming requests. Send enquiry now.

Find us

You’ll have to battle past crowds of frazzled commuters at Waterloo station and climb up a series of staircases to get here, but it’s well worth the step count to reach this buzzy rooftop oasis with heaven like views of the city’s skyline. 

Circe’s Rooftop, Mercury House, 117 Waterloo Rd, London, SE1 8UL

Opening times

Circe’s rooftop haven above the city is open during the following times:

Monday – 2pm until Midnight
Tuesday – 2pm until Midnight
Wednesday – 2pm until Midnight
Thursday – 2pm until 2am
Friday – 12pm until 2am
Saturday – 12pm until 2am
Sunday – 12pm until Midnight

Food service times:

Monday – 2pm until 10pm
Tuesday – 2pm until 10pm
Wednesday – 2pm until 10pm
Thursday – 2pm until 10pm
Friday – 12pm until 10pm
Saturday – 12pm until 10pm
Sunday – 12pm until 10pm 

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Party like a God

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