Olympian Cocktails

Circe loved her witchcraft and potions, so when creating a cocktail menu for her followers to enjoy, she aimed to mesmerise guests through a fusion of theatrical mixology and great tasting drinks including Perse’s Picante, a spicy margarita named after Circe’s mythical mother and Heles Mels… 

Saintly Sips

Not drinking alcohol? 

Circe’s got you covered.

We have an extended range of low and alcohol drinks so you can cut out and not miss out. Whether it’s our range of alcohol-free beer, cider, spirits or cocktails (like this no-spresso martini)

Spirits in the sky

Don’t like cocktails? 

Don’t worry, there is also a range of classic and original spritzes, an extensive range of premium spirits, wines, champagnes, beers (including San Miguel on draught).