God name: Aphrodite

Occupation: Goddess of Sweet Elegance

Personality: Sophisticated, sweet, and a bit mysterious. Aphrodite Daiquiri is the epitome of grace and beauty. They have a refined taste and are always the center of attention with their sweet yet complex nature, enchanting everyone they meet.

Catchphrase: “A touch of sweetness makes everything better.”

Favorite Activity: Hosting garden parties, attending art galleries, and playing the piano.

Signature Look: Elegant red dress, pearl necklace, and a vintage cocktail glass in hand.


Offer T&C's: This voucher entitles the bearer to 2-4-1 frozen cocktails on any Friday in July from 8pm onwards. One voucher per person. No alternative products available. Management reserve rights to revoke at any time. Not valid with any other offer or promotion. Over 18's only.